Pre-Editing Workflow

You’re on vacation and you realize your memory card is full.  You want to delete some of the photographs on the card, but which ones have you put on your computer yet? You don’t want to delete any photographs you want to keep.  An easy way to make sure you have always taken your photographs […]


Lowepro Micro-Trekker 100 – my FAVORITE camera bag

You guys hear me rave about my Lowepro Micro-Trekker 100 (I often mistakenly refer to it as the Mini-Trekker). It’s the perfect size to travel with (see dimensions below) and holds all crucial and favorite gear: Canon 40D with my 28-300 lens attached 580ex Speedlight 50mm macro lens 10-22 wide angle lens Shutter release / […]


How Background Color Can Change Everything

Yesterday, I spent some time playing with a flower and some colored fun foam sheets.  After taking the close up, the far away, the landscape, the portrait, and the various angles, I decided to place around with one set up.  I wanted to see how changing just the color of the background would change the […]

Photoshop – Week 1 Summary (1/19/11)

Welcome Photoshop Enthusiasts!! A dentist emergency and a snow storm pushed our start date out to Jan 19, but we’ve finally started!! In our first class, we: reviewed what we will be covering in class discussed the difference between PShop / Bridge / Lightroom / Elements discussion about editing ethics some examples of bad photos […]

Save Time by Streamlining Your Output & Delivery Workflow

Workflow is a hot topic for photographers.  We only have so much time in a day and we’d prefer to spend all available time taking photographs and being creative.   Unfortunately, there are other things a photographer must do and a well-managed workflows ensure we can the majority of our time behind our cameras. In addition […]

How To Take Great Photographs – NO CLASS TONIGHT 1/18/11

From Sharon Martel at Littleton Parks & Rec……   Dear How To Take Great Photographs Students – Due to today’s snowstorm the 1/18/11 class for How To Take Great Photographs will be rescheduled to the end of the session. As you are aware, if school is canceled evening classes are canceled, but because the weather […]

Night/Star Photography

One of the lessons in the Photography Lab series I teach is a lesson on Night Photography, specifically shooting the stars. Two essentials to know before going out to shoot stars your first time. ONE:  The Earth is rotating.  This means you can photograph star constellations, but after about 15 seconds, you will start to […]

Use Your Photographs to Create Desktop Wallpapers

Intention. It’s defined as an aim that guides action; an objective. It’s much easier to know HOW to shoot or compose a particular scene if you know the intention of what you are going to do with the photograph. Is this going to be a snapshot or a photograph? Is this preserving a moment in […]

How To Take Great Photographs – Week 2 (Jan 11)

This week was another great week in How To Take Great Photographs. At the beginning of class, I was asked which camera bag I use.  I LOVE my Lowepro Micro-Trekker.  A quick search on the internet led us to the following link.  However, it appears this may be a model which will be discontinued and […]

Flickr, Picasa, and Too Many Photography Uploads

Today I read the following Digital Photography School article: Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Abandon Your Flickr Account. The article breaks down the usage of Flickr into the following usage areas Sharing & Organization SEO Vision Refinement Presentation & Branding I’ve been going back and forth regarding keeping my Flickr account.  Between Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, […]