Professor Kobré’s Lightscoop®

Professor Kobré’s Lightscoop® Lightscoop® is a smart low-tech device that creates soft, flattering light by redirecting your camera’s pop-up flash to a ceiling or wall. Don’t let your convenient little pop-up flash ruin your photos with evil red eye, ugly shadows, hot spots, bleached out faces, underexposed colors, and blurry movement that exist only in […]

Week 2 – How to Take Great Photographs

Hello Photographers!! It was nice to see you all back this week – and – I was very excited you all sent in your homework!!!  We had an excellent discussion last evening as we viewed the photos you all sent.  I look forward to seeing more and more of your work.  Especially the “Photo of […]

Week 2- Photography & Computers for Seniors

Hi Again Folks! Last night was week 2 of our class.  We discussed the difference between memory card readers and thumb-drives.  We reviewed the copy/move commands and learned how to make and rename folders.  Once we made a folder, we then used the copy/move commands to copy and move photographs. Next week, we will continue […]

Digital Photograph Class – Week 2 Reminder

There was no class last night due to the Columbus Day holiday. However, we did have homework last night – assigned during the first week of class!!! Don’t forget to take photographs of fall this week! Send me your favorite four and your worst one. From last week, you should have already taken photographs of […]

1st Night of Photography & Computers for Seniors

Hi Everyone! Thanks for such a great class tonight! It is a small group, but I think it will suit our needs perfectly!! Tonight we started off with introductions and what you each were hoping to get out of class. There were one or two items specific to each of you, but for the most […]

1st Night of Digital Photography Class

Tonight was the first night of Digital Photography Class.  It’s a small class this session which will lend to more specific discussions and many more opportunities to ask detailed questions. However, the smaller number of students means less folks contributing their photographs into the weekly homework discussions! Tonight we introduced ourselves and got to know […]

Photography Lab Summary – Aug 3, 2010

With best of intentions, I kept the star shooting class scheduled for last night at 9:00pm.  At 7:45pm, we still had clear weather and a chance of getting some good images.  However, at 9:00, we had complete cloud cover and the begining of a sprinkle.  So – no photographing of stars. BUT – we did […]

Reminder: Tuesday, Aug 3 Night Shots

Hi All, Tomorrow night we are all set to take photographs of stars in low-light/no-light photography.  I just checked the weather and they say cloudy skies and 20% of scattered thunder storms. SO – I am going to keep an eye on the weather tomorrow.  I will make a decision at 4:00pm as to what/where […]

First Steps to shooting in P, TV, and AV

When starting to move out of AUTO mode, here are some things to consider and adjust before you start shooting. Remember when shooting in: P mode: you control the White Balance, ISO, and Flash settings. TV mode: you control the White Balance, ISO, Flash, and Shutter Speed settings. AV mode: you control the White Balance, […]